Lessons from walking

Druid Life

One of the big issues around social interaction, for me, has always been how much compromise is required in order to fit. How much of me will it be necessary to hide? How much will I have to tolerate that I find difficult, uncomfortable, even painful? How much humiliation will I have to endure? How is the trade off going to work here and what’s the cost going to be, and can I sustain it?

As illustration, I love walking and there have along the way been opportunities to walk with various people. However, there are a few things that make me a less than perfect walker – poor depth perception and lack of physical confidence mean I struggle on rough terrain. Some days I am stiff and achy such that walking is hard work. Other people are a lot fitter than me. So in some situations, walking with people…

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fan girling

So Ben Howard is yet to release his highly anticipated second album, rumors were that is was to come early this year but here we are. however, he has recently been touring with some of his new material which make me so very happy, Rivers in your mouth is to feature on his second album and its so truly beautiful.

All societies have their snobs (300th post).


water snob

This marks my 300th post on wordpress.com.

I’m pretty sure that’s important.  I think there might be a special VIP club for 300 post snobs like myself.  Or does 300 posts earns me a major award?  A personal letter of recognition from WordPress founder & CEO Matt Mullenberg wouldn’t be amiss (along with some stock options).

At the very least, I think I’ve earned some frequent flyer miles.

If 300 posts won’t get me any perks at WordPress, perhaps a few of these other stats might:

  • total number of comments = 1,220
  • total number of blog followers = 9,298 (wow!)
  • total number of cartoons posted = 355
  • total number of posts published in a print magazine = 2
  • total number of tattoos that were inspired by my drawings = 2
  • total number of  Thai restaurants illegally using my artwork = 1

Even the Thai restaurant display is flattering (in a way).  Here are photos of the Thai restaurant in question and my…

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Just keep blogging

Anyhow there’s just a few things i would like to share,

1. The thunder and lightning the other day was awesome if any of you were up at ridiculous Oclock in the north, then you would have caught a glimpse of the terrifying yet impending thrashes and bright radiances.

(Taken from the Manchester Evening News)

2. Always keep up to date with your Hotmail just a couple of days away from the continuous fan mail:P and i now have 200 hundred emails, less than impressed.

3. Have a read of Divergent, its a fantastic novel.