The Fault in Our Stars


Taken from a Tumblr fanpage

Finally got around to seeing The Fault yesterday. I watched in with a churning in my stomach as romantic novels tend to always exploit my sensitive side. I must admit at times i was watching the film with much more admiration than i wouldn’t like to say it was worth as to belittle this film would be very uncanny of me but when i first saw the trailer i immediately wanted to see it and by no means did it let me down i spent the last half an hour crying over the beautiful acting from Shailene Woodley (Hazel Graze) and of course the Charming¬† Ansel Elgort (Augustus) i just feel like how Hazel feels throughout the whole film over the Novels she’s so defined in. I just wanted more of the books beauty and stunning imagery and how she copes after the death of her Gus. NEVER THE LESS, John Green has created a book that i will encourage the next generation to read many years from now and i will remember,